Join the Erotic Shop's Sexual Evolution, and get ready for the utopian life on Earth

Upon reflection, one will realize that nothing and no one could bring anyone peace and happiness, but oneself. And again, nothing and no one can bring anyone love and tranquility, but oneself, through the journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, utilizing reason and common sense principles, fair play, respect, love and compassion.

We at the Erotic Shop, deal with relationships and sexual issues using the latest scientific and holistic means. We operate under the assumption that relationships and sexual problems differ, therefore different problems will require different solutions and the ultimate responsibility for recovery and healing oneself lies with you, the client.

Join the Erotic Shop's Sexual Evolution, and get ready for the utopian life on EarthWe offer a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom of Eastern cultures, utilizing holistic and scientific approach to healing. The simple fact is that human sexual energy is the focal point and the source of all creativity, vitality and organic healthy pleasures. We can guide and teach you how to unblock your natural flow of energy, thus allowing it to move freely throughout your entire body, making sexual healing, recovery and rejuvenation possible, leading to the improvement of all aspects of your life, and the expansion of your consciousness.

We will help you to learn the wisdom of sex and satisfaction, by providing you with simple and easy to follow holistic answers to many of the countless erotic, sexual, intimacy and romance problems and questions. We are committed to providing our fellow human beings with healthy, organic, simple and practical guiding principles for a vigorous, healthy and happy life.

We are convinced that the basic and fundamental necessities of a good, happy and healthy life are healthy and if possible organic foods, honest and unambiguous communication, mutual respect, trust, surrender, physical and emotional intimate touch and connection, romance, fun rhythmic music, plus half hour per day for cardiovascular exercises, plus an orgasm a day, to keep doctors away.

Our mission is to help women and men to create a friendly, caring, sensual, affectionate and intimate environment at home, conducive for nurturing love and happiness. We are devoted in presenting simple and yet vital holistic life guidance, philosophy and instruction to transform an otherwise boring relationship and sex life to an exciting healthy and happy one.

We are dedicated to help both women and men to live a better and more meaningful healthy, productive, loving and happy life, free from sexual frustration, sexual tension and sexual hostilities. We shall provide you with natural, simple and practical solutions to better understanding of open and honest communication, mutual respect, romance, seduction, foreplay, lovemaking, hot jungle sex, and other general intimate relationship topics and questions.

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