The Vital Role of Women

- By Bahram Maskanian

Defenseless innocent women and children are, and have always been the first innocent victims of poverty, ignorance, mediocrity, stupidity and violence. The oppressive and brutal treatment of women prescribed in all of the patriarchal man-made misogynist religions is the main cause of social backwardness in many countries practicing the said barbarism. We must put an end to this male savagery, violent and tragic treatment of women and children. We must empower and educate women and provide the required funds and knowledge for creating, managing, maintaining and growing women unions and organizations all over the world.

We must inform and educate men everywhere, and help men to evolve and realize that women are our Mothers, Sisters, Friends, Partners and equal human beings in every sense of the word.  Men need to learn that women must be revered, respected, honored and treated as absolute equal.

Men must learn that women are autonomous human beings, fully capable of making their own decisions and charting their own destiny.  Humanity, particularly men, must be educated and woken up, in order to realize and appreciate the enormous contributions women have and are making every single day, to human advancement and civilization.

We must learn and realize that, educated women will stop over population.  Educated women shall eradicate poverty.  Educated women shall raise intelligent caring children, guaranteeing a better future for all of humanity.  Educated women are precious and much needed friends and life partners for their counterpart.  Educated women would create prosperous thriving communities for all citizens.  Educated women will stop our on going environmental degradation, and much, much more.

Women are more than half of the world’s population.  Women are half of the world’s wisdom, talent, brain-power, productive and creative energy.  But sadly, not included in the day-to-day social, political and economic decision making equation.  True human rights, female equality, democracy, democratic rule of law and economic prosperity requires women participation and will be achieved far faster, better and more effectively if women are equal participants and partners in these efforts.

Humanity cannot operate intelligently, fairly and democratically in a sustainable fashion, while hopping on one leg, blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, with one hand tied behind our backs, using only half of our collective brains.  I believe humanity needs to begin healing women soul by recognizing women, justly and deservedly as absolute equal human being.

Women must be present and represented fairly and equally in all aspects of social, political and economic forums, governmental and social institutions through equal representation.  For example in the United States, each state elects 2 senators and for every 100,000 citizens, 1 representative is elected and sent to U.S. Congress.  This configuration must be change now, making it mandatory to elect 1 female and 1 male senator from each state, and for every 200,000 citizens, 1 female and 1 male representative to be elected for U.S. House of Representatives.  In short the 500 members of U.S. Congress MUST consist of 250 female and 250 male senators and representatives, only then we can boast about beginning to respect and protect human rights and gender equality!

Female primary compass is her own inner guidance. As she learns to quiet the outer misogynist patriarchal lies and other negative distortions, she begins to amplify her own inner guidance signals, thus hearing the voice that naturally knows and offers wisdom, reason, common sense and compassion.

Womankind = + Mankind = Humankind