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My purpose in life is to guide all seekers to the way of love and light, to love and live. - The conscience spirituality is not, in any way religious, or biased, or has anything to do with any of the barbaric patriarchal religions. - Conscience Spirituality is the path of enlightenment, awakening, soul progress, and ultimately, universal love and compassion. My mission is to awaken all confused none conscience spiritual folks, and to guide light-workers and spiritual seekers to the right path of enlightenment.

A Light-worker is an inspired person consciously spiritual, a person who has been incarnated on planet Earth, to bring spiritual awakening to all of Humanity. Through their special skills they are able to inspire others to seek out through their own extrasensory perception and follow a conscience spiritual path. A light-worker is aligned with the will of Mother Nature, capable of cultivating universal love, and holds a higher light characteristic.

Many thanks to the religiously driven bad, to nonexistence sexual education in the United States and generally most other countries, has left millions of people in desperate need of scientific, good and effective sex education. Human sexuality, love and relationships are complex, those who had not had the benefit of learning love within their family environment as they were growing up are particularly vulnerable and in desperate need of a deep comprehensive love, relationship and sex education.

I assist people with the challenges and issues that prevents them from fully experiencing and realizing their full potentials and capabilities to love and enjoy their sexual energy, wholly and holistically within their lives and relationship.

Many love and sexual issues can be resolved through a reflective process, by developing skills including a professional guidance, as illustrated in the chart below. The reflective learning process, or reflection is an active process with real results in terms of changing one’s understanding of any given situation and highlighting the knowledge and skills one is going to need in order to evolve out of and find a suitable solution.

>> Description >> Feelings >> Evaluation >> Analysis >> Conclusion >> Action Plan >>

The reflective learning process, or reflection is an active process with real results in terms of changing your understanding of a situation and highlighting the knowledge and skills you are going to need in order to evolve out of and find a suitable solution.My goals are to assist people in peeling away the religious manmade misogynist myths and preconceptions about women, love, sex and relationships, human sexuality, helping women and men to distinguish between unrealistic lies and expectations and the true shame-free, healthy and natural love, emotional and sexual involvement and methods, created by Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, for all of humanity to learn and enjoy the love, sexual life and relationship they desire and want, and come home to their magnificent sexual self, living a utopian life.

I coach couples and singles by using telephone conference calling sessions. I generally work without the use of online video conferencing, such as: skype, due to many distractions caused by the video images. I also offer high-level VIP sessions to assist individuals and couples with specific struggles, or goals in a concentrated amount of time.

Our sexuality takes our whole lives to develop. It takes time to unravel the causes of one’s injuries, thus finding suitable remedies to heal my client’s injuries, plus developing the skills that will help my clients to have a satisfying and fulfilling sex life. There are no quick fixes and I can not offer a single quick fix session, due to the fact that it would never work and I don’t believe it serves my clients well. If you are looking for a quick fix, the Erotic Shop is not a good fit for you.

I work with people who have reached a place in their lives, where they have become aware of their unfulfilled life and potential, ready to take action to regain their self respect, creative and sexual energy and their self confidence.

Most of my clients are the intelligent and creative types, ready to unblock their energy channels, on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to invest in their personal growth with strong positive views about gender equality and female empowerment. - All sexual orientations: heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender women and men, whom are interested in exploring the unexplored part of their sexual-self. Ready to do the “work” and know they have important healing work ahead of them.

I focus my time and energy primarily on women and couples. I counsel men occasionally, but only men whom are able to acknowledge their weaknesses, not afraid to be vulnerable, willing to put in the necessary time and efforts to do it right. I find that these men are rare, and when they show up, they are easy to coach and work with.

Mostly, I work with men in my couples counseling, where the couple is pursuing knowledge and wisdom, to increase their intimate and sensual capacity into an honest, sexual, caring and fulfilling relationship. I work with couples of all ages and genders.

My coaching programs are devoted to assist my clients on their journey to sexual freedom, healing and awakening. Depending on the issue, my sessions utilize a combination of education, verbal support, guidance, conscious control breathing, energy work, visualization and other exercises.

Sexual evolution should be a number one priority in everyone’s life, in order to grow and evolve out of the patriarchal religious tyranny; we have been trapped in for centuries. Human sexuality will not grow on its own, similar to any green growing plant, or any other living thing: it needs sun light, water, food and nurturing in order to grow, bloom and flower. If you are ready to grow sexuality evolve, I am ready to work with you.

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