Vanessa Chow - Erotic Shop Sex and Relationship Coach / Counselor

Sex is a wonderful, uplifting and amazing experience. It is the key to every healthy, passionate, and successful intimate relationship. Unfortunately, it is rarely talked about seriously and still a taboo in many cultures. When troubles arise it can cause fear, anxiety and even depression. Like many of my clients, I know what it’s like when sex becomes more about pain, disappointment and boredom than of pleasure, fun and connection. All these experiences can create pressure on relationships and a profound impact on self-worth and self-esteem. This is one of my reasons offering sex counseling to help couples as well as individuals enhance their intimacy, sexual function and discover ways to have more sexual pleasure and joy.

I believe healthy sexuality is an integral and most important part of our life. Realizing our sexual potential involves awareness of both the body and mind. However, we often feel disconnected and are out-of-touch with our own sexual power. It is my goal to help unleash your possibilities with your physical body, sexuality, sensuality, and your ability to connect intimately.

You’ll find my round-the-world experience and knowledge in human sexuality provide you a holistic approach in my counseling service. I have a Master degree in Sexual Health Science, and speak fluent English, Chinese: Cantonese and basic Mandarin. I have a great passion to support people in experiencing more passionate love, intimacy and pleasure in their relationship and sex life. Combining years of personal growth, meditation and yoga experience I can offer you a refreshing perspective. My work includes, but not limited to, coaching individuals and couples to better understand themselves and their desires, how to enhance the quality of their sex life, as well as to resolve relationship dissatisfactions. My clients are mostly heterosexual from various backgrounds. Our rapport will be built on speaking comfortably and confidentially.

It’s not just a dream to become fully in touch with your sexuality and relate yourself to your partner sexuality. If you want to take time to love, please and honor yourself and are ready to begin, I am here to work with you toward this. Remember we all deserve a healthy, fulfilling relationship and an enjoyable sex life!

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