The Erotic Shop - Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing the Erotic Shop as your trusted source of sex and relationship coaching, dating advisor, sex therapy, enlightenment and sexual healing.

We are earnestly aware of the trust you place in the Erotic Shop, our staff and website.  We take full responsibility of protecting your provided information and your privacy. 

We assure you that information collected by our website, while you purchase any of our products, and or services, or browse and read any of our informative articles, shall be kept secret and will never be shared, given, or offered to anyone.  Furthermore, we would never send you anything that you did not ask for.  No junk mail, and that is a promise!

We do not provide any of our services, or sell any products to young people under the 18 years of age. If you are below the age of 18, you may use our website only with the permission and active involvement of your parents, or legal guardians. If you are a minor, do not provide us, or any other website any personal information and leave our site.

You should read our Privacy each time, when visiting the Erotic Shop’s website before using our site and services.  Any questions or concerns about our policies should be brought to our attention by contacting us online and providing us with information relating to your concerns.

Clients Consent and Agreement:

We would like to invite you to read the following Erotic Shop’s procedural statements and client’s agreement, very carefully, before signing on for any of our counseling services. 

Proceeding further, from this point on, signing up and contacting the Erotic Shop, Inc. for any of our counseling services, signifies your agreement, that you are in fact agreeing to the Erotic Shop’s following terms and conditions of our services and are in agreement with and acceptance of the principles described in the following statements therein.

As your trusted coaches, counselors and therapists, we, at the Erotic Shop are committed to perform the following to the best of our abilities:

1. We shall protect the confidentiality of all of your professionally acquired information.  We will only disclose such information if ordered by court, or when is required by U.S. laws.

2. If in the course of providing you with any of our services we suspect with high degree of certainty, or come to realization of children physical, emotional, and or sexual abuse, we shall report your conducts to the authorities.

3. If you and your behavior represents an imminent danger of physical, emotional, and or sexual abuse to others: such as your family members, loved ones, spouse, lover / partner and any others is suspected, we shall report your conducts to the authorities. 

4. If you are suffering from any mental disorder, such as: schizophrenia, or any others, causing disturbing thoughts of harming others in your mind, please seek help immediately, by going to the nearest police station where you live and tell the officer in charge about your thoughts and mental condition.

At all times, we will respect your intrinsic worth and dignity, as our client, we serve in our professional capacity.  We regard the well being of our clients we serve as our primary professional obligation.  We will counsel our clients in an atmosphere of non-judgmental and inclusive acceptance of all persons with any sexual orientation and need.

Appointment Cancellation and Rescheduling:

All of the Erotic Shop’s appointments are 60 minutes in length. The client is obligated to pay for the entire 60 minutes, even if she / he is late in arriving, or early in leaving.

The fee per 60 minutes session is $330, payment may be made by money order, email money transfer, PayPal, bank check, or credit cards. 

To avoid being charged for a missed appointment, a 24-hour notice of cancellation and or rescheduling must be given. Less than 24-hours notices will be subject to loss of $165, half of the original $330 per hour paid fee.

The Erotic Shop reserves the rights to alter and change all fees at any time without notice.

Questions, Rights and Complaints:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Erotic Shop, by phone, or e-mail.

The Erotic Shop, Inc.
217 E. 70th Street, No. 607
New York, NY 10021-0013

Please keep in mind that we are not in the sex, or pornography business. - We are in the business of teaching new ways of true happiness, life altering sexual ecstasy and long lasting love. - We are experienced, dedicated sex and relationship coaches and teachers, profession in the wisdom of human sexuality, love and true happiness.

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