“How would I know I need help.?”

Admission is half the cure

- By Bahram Maskanian

The main reason for writing this article is to save you time and money. Before signing up with us, at the Erotic Shop, do yourself a big favor and read it, even if you think you are perfect and a gift to humanity. If by the time you reached the end of the article you had some thoughts, questions and regrets popping in and out of your mind, you may need help and if not, good for you and happy times.

First fact everyone should learn is that for far too long (3,500 years) sex has been used as weapon against people. We, the people must debunk and decriminalize sex, one of the most harmful and debilitating mythical nonsense, created and enforced by the barbaric religious mullahs and their masters, the criminal elites, in order to control the masses.!

The absolute fact is and has always been, that sex is healthy and natural, not a sin and should not be perceived as a shameful behavior.! Having sexual desires and urges does not make you a whore, dirty, nasty, or naughty girl and or boy, rather it makes you a healthy person.!

Self-sex (masturbation) is a great means of exercising for becoming sexually self-sufficient and a good lover / sex partner for enjoying mutually consented sex. Sex is natural, healthy, necessary, refreshing, empowering and vital to human existence. Must always keep in mind that sex takes place between your ears, not between your legs and if done right, it could be highly invigorating, electrifying and powerful experience.!

Now, to the question we are asked frequently: “How would I know I need help?” I decided to write this article to save those of you with similar question time and money. Keep in mind that those who have reached the point of asking themselves this vital question have already begun their journey of recovery. Admission is half the cure.

To begin, in retrospect, examining one’s previous love affairs and relationship’s successes and failures honestly and fairly, should shed some light on the question, whether, or not one needs help and guidance in constructing and maintaining a mutually beneficial, fulfilling, satisfying, intimate and romantic relationship.

It all begins with having and maintaining a good healthy diet, plus 30 minutes daily exercise, in addition to 30 minutes of nightly self-reflection, vital for examining one’s life path and charting the course of one’s journey of self-discovery.   Eventually it would come a time that one would reach one’s full potential in all aspects of love, romance, relationship, friendship and generally becoming a dignified, compassionate, respectful, loving, decent and honorable human being.


Opposite Sex Desirability and Sexual Attraction

I have seen and heard my share of misunderstood reasons by people who mistook being in-lust and infatuated, with being in-love and rushing into marriage. Most of these justifications are purely sexual and based on artificialities of looks, color of hair and eyes, size and shape of body parts and the new high orgasm intensity, plus on the male side, if the female was a good obedient whore in the bedroom and a good cook in the kitchen. This is not the way to start a new cooperative long-term partnership with another human being.

Any and all relationships missing compassion and cooperation are doomed to fail without exception, regardless of the relationship’s initial high degree of heat and humidity.!

Due to certain social constructs based on the manmade mythical and barbaric Judaism, Judeo-Christianity and Judeo-Islamic religious dogmas, which has bestowed the holier-than-thou status on the male gender, based on the false premise of being made in the image of a non-existent male god, raising high expectations and idiotic sense of undeserved entitlements, causing deep division between the sexes, which will inevitably lead to buildup of competing atmosphere between the women and men.   Competition will build resentment and as time go bye the crushing weight of resentment shall destroy love, friendship, compassion and sense of cooperation, turning love to crap.

While reading this article if were imagining some of your own similar circumstances, accumulated wisdom and lessons learned, you have already begun your journey of self-discovery and healing.


Deliberate Dumbing Down - Sex Denied - Sex Bad / Shameful

Truth-seekers beware, due to deliberate implementation of dumbing down policies worldwide, large majority of people all over the world are completely unaware of their cognitive powers and abilities, sadly wasted and unutilized.   Vital abilities such as: analytical thinking, deductive reasoning, common sense, reason, ethical standards, personal development and growth including: self-esteem, self-respect, self-control, sexual and emotional growth, sexual desires and urges control, love in general terms, intimacy, sexual trust, surrender and vulnerability, romance and relationship are all among the suppressed cognitive powers and abilities. In addition to lack of sex, love, compassion and cooperation training and education worldwide are major components of the said dumbing down policies.

One of the major intended consequences of “sex denied”, “sex bad / shameful”, is to cause a deep division between female and male gender (divide and conquer), creating huge resentment, combined with the male gender’s sense of sexual inferiority and male’s false and undeserved sense of entitlements and expectations unfulfilled, coupled with drugs and alcohol consumption, will lead to buildup of highly hazardous sexual frustration in young men, manifesting in violence against women, domestic abuse, rape and murder.  

Sexual training must include self-sex (masturbation), is a truly life saving and enhancing practice and highly necessary for all boys and girls. Young girls and boys are naturally horny and constantly thinking and searching for sex. But young men are particularly dangerous, if not properly trained; it would be just as dangerous as allowing a monkey to drive a truck, while drinking from an open bottle of whiskey in one hand and holding a loaded pistol in the other.!


Sexual Monogamy and or Promiscuity

Every able body should learn that nobody owns anyone.! Furthermore, if you must own someone in order to feel secure and fulfilled in your relationship you are in desperate need of help.!  The absolute fact of life is that.: all human beings are created equal, with certain unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.!

No religion, religious mullah, government, man, or woman has the moral authority, nor the rights to change the laws of Mother Nature and take away the said given rights.!

Monogamy, the practice of being sexually involved, or married only to one person at a time is a personal choice and should have never been mandated by law.   Promiscuity should also be treated the same way, as a personal choice between two or more lovers.   If two people, or more choose to be together in however consensual adult sexual relationship in any fashion and form they like, no one has the right to stop them.!

Moreover, we, the people, must get the government out of our homes and bedrooms. Since any marriage laws mandated by congress, by definition is the extension of religion and promotion and enforcement of religious dogmas, all such laws are unconstitutional and must be trashed. Marriage should be a two-year cooperative contract with option to renew.!   The contract will of course embody all precautionary measures to provide and protect children and parties involved, with the exception of the idiotic and unrealistic.: “until death do us part”.

U.S. Constitution – First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.



The destructive role of religion dogma in human sexuality

The other significant big contributor to war of sexes and gender problems, social and relationship anxiety is religion, whereby instilling a sense of entitlement in men and an inferiority complex in women directly causes a big divide.! Religious manmade mythical crap, undeservedly promotes men to a high holy rank, while at the same time is demoting women to a free domestic whore, cook, servant, housemaid, child bearing incubator and children nurturer.

The destructive role of religion dogma in human sexualityDid you know human civilization is over 12,000 years old.? Did you know for the first 8,500 years humanity flourished under the social governing of matriarchal system without religion, until 3,500 years ago.? Did you know matriarchal system is responsible for creation and development of languages, sciences, the arts, music, philosophy, literature, mathematics, herbal medicine, agriculture, and much more, all free from mythical nonsense and female-self promotion to the Daughter of a female God, or an exclusive representative of a female God.?

Did you know all throughout the 8,500 years of matriarchal rule and civilization women and men enjoyed complete gender equality, equal human rights and social standing.?

Did you know there are nearly 10,000 closely related and highly similar barbaric male gender’s manufactured religions on Earth? Indisputable historic evidences shows that beginning at around 3,500 years ago in opposition to matriarchal rule, 2 major religions (Persian’s Mithraism and Egyptian’s Book of Death) began to spread by the so-called clergymen (political hustlers).!

Group of misogynist (women hating), cave dwelling, pedophile men, on intimate terms with domesticated animals from the Semitic tribes (today’s Jews and Arabs) in north Africa, rose in competition and plagiarized the said two hideous, awful books, renamed it Torah and added a whole lot more barbaric rules and regulations, such as, but not limited to slavery, slave trade, demotion of female gender to a subhuman class, legalized plunder and murder (holy wars) for forcing the nonbelievers to believe in their barbaric, criminal blood thirsty megalomaniac god, made in their own image, horrifying personality and character.!

To mask their criminal pedophilia behavior and in order to appear morally superior, psychologically stable and sexually acceptable the clergymen (political hustlers) made up harsh punishment rules regarding sexual behavior of others, but not themselves. They made sex sin and for procreation only and to close all avenues of sexual joy and release, these bastards made masturbation sin and forbidden as well.

Half or more of any society’s population consist of women, to ensure success of the manmade barbaric religions, they deliberately caused a huge division between female and male genders in order to (divide and conquer), plus the matriarchal system had to be discredited, dissolve and taken down, through plunder and destruction of all sources of knowledge discovered.

Through countless brutal ethnic cleansing wars, or plundering murderous religious wars, after killing all men and elderly folks, all females and children were taken as property slaves, raped and auctioned off, sold to criminally minded men.

To achieve true peace and tranquility in life one must inform and enlighten oneself and come to terms with the three major killers of all time: Judaism, Judeo-Christianity and Judeo-Islamic religious dogmas and myths manufactured and promulgated by power hungry criminally minded men for promotion and preservation of their male gender’s self-proclaimed holier-than-thou superiority over women.


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