Christy Goldstein - Erotic Shop Sex and Relationship Coach / Counselor

I am 30 years old and have been helping people with their relationships and sexual health for a couple of years. I wanted to help people learn more about themselves and their sexual energy since I did not have anyone explain or teach me about sex and because of that I wanted to explore holistic approaches to sex and how to use your sexuality in a healthy way and a correct way without the incorrect information that the media, movies, and books gives you.

Many people think sex is all about your race to “cum” and sex is so much more than that. Learning how to use your mind and body as one is a exhilarating accomplishment. Learning your body is the first thing people need to master before they can master pleasing their partners body.

The body is a beautiful thing and there are so many things you can learn about yourself when you are in touch with your mind, body and soul. I love helping and teaching people to explore their inner selves and help them with any questions they have about sex and relationships. A relationship with your partner is only as good as your sex life. A lot of relationships fail because they are not being honest with themselves or their partners on what they need and want.

Some have insecurities about telling their partners what they want and need sexually. I will help you wash away your insecurities so you can have what you really want from your partner. Most will realize once they tell their partners what they need how minuscule that insecurity actually was and how receptive their partners will be to learn what they want.

By addressing your issues and questions you can start to have a healthier and more loving relationship with yourself and your partner. It begins first with learning who you are and what you want! Once you are able to truly know yourself you can then have a lasting, sexually charged beautiful relationship!

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